EnginSite Editor for PHP

EnginSite Editor for PHP 4.1

Create, edit, run, and debug PHP 4 and PHP 5 scripts
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EnginSite Editor for PHP is a software by LuckaSoft is an advanced future rich PHP editor which provides a complete development environment for PHP programmers. EnginSite Editor for PHP highlights your php code for errors and all the syntax is color coded. You will find a built in PHP support equipped with a built in web server that can be configured to run on a special port which make it easy and fast to preview the result of code execution from within the program. PHP version cannot be switched on the fly without restarting anything. Not only that but it also supports communicating with an already installed MYSQL server which gives it an advantage over many other conventional PHP editors. Another feature is the existence of PHP documentation and splitting of your code into functions, variables in a very organized way, Thanks to the built in debugging you can know exactly where your coding mistake is. In addition, You will find many tools available to you such as Remote SSH connection manager, RegEXP Tester for Regular Expression syntax validation, IP address monitor and you can add more tools of your choice. A wonderful shortcut rich HTML editor with many feature is available with many ready made forms, tables and buttons. Live program update is available through the Help menu.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Can install PHP or use your current installation
  • Can use your existing Apache installation as a web server
  • No function limitations in the Demo. version


  • Moderate initial loading speed
  • No Visual HTML editing
  • No built-in FTP server
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